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The House Upon The Hill - Chapter Four: The Story
Pit looked at Hades questionably before smiling.
"...Thanks." Pit looked back up at him.
Hades went back to his book.
"Hey uh...I'm always here to talk if...ya know...and stuff..."
"... Thanks..."
Pit smiled at the fact that Hades spoke again and wasn't threatening to kill him.
"I'll....leave ya to it."
He smiled before walking off towards the dinning room to look around and see if they had any left over pancakes.
The storm outside had lightened up to a rain shower.
"So... What have you been reading?"
Pit sat in the chair next to Hades, kicking his feet as he ate ice cream he had found in the freezer.
"Nothing, really. Just horror stuff."
"I can't read so I wouldn't know."
Pit shoved another spoon of ice cream in his mouth.
Hades closed the book and looked over at Pit.
"Not sure if you would be okay with the stuff I read. It's not all kittens and rainbows, ya know."
"Well I know that. But how bad could it be?" Pit smiled innocently as Hades raised an eyebrow.
"....You REALL
:iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 1 3
The House Upon The Hill - Chapter 3: The Ghost
Hades froze, taking in a sharp breath as his body tensed.
"Where...Where did you find that?"
"There's a black chest upstairs that has tons of pictures like these. Who. Is. She?"
Pit gave another stern look.
Hades closed the book and got up, facing the angel.
"Give me the photo."
"Tell me who this is? Please?"
"It's none of your business Pit, now give me the photo."
"No." The angel looked up at the god. "I won't."
Hades grind his teeth and clenched his fists. A black fire-like aura surrounded him.
Pit stuttered, "Please Hades."
He began to get scared but still holding tightly onto the photo.
"Give it. Or else." The familiar red and black markings from his god form snaked up his body and Pit backed up a little holding it close to his chest.
"Final warning, Pit."
The god took off his glasses, his eyes filling up with black and red, piercing at his soul.
Pit was terrified now so he did the only thing that he knew how to. He ran down the hall and away from Hades, screaming.
:iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 3 3
The House Upon The Hill - Chapter 2: The House
Pit crept into bed looking at the mirror curiously.
'Old woman?' Pit thought to himself. 'What is he talking about? This is a joke, right? He's playing a prank on me. M-Maybe this is a trap!!'
He shivered and covered himself with the blankets.
'Th-There's no such things as ghosts...right....?'
Someone must have heard him because the soft eerie "Ooo's" had started up again.
He shivered a little more as he wrapped himself tightly with the blankets. He popped his head out and looked around but could see nothing.
The voices softly sing a lullaby, and Pit finds himself wanting to fall asleep, instead of feeling frightened.
The Soprano's hit higher scales as the Angel starts to accept the world of dreams.
He closed his eyes and fell asleep smiling as he hummed the tune in his sleep.
"Pit, wake up."
"Mmm..." The Angel rolled over and fluffed up his wings. "Nuuuuuu... Let me sleeeeeeep..."
Hades sighed, "Fine. I'll just throw out those pancakes and syrup that was for breakfast."
Pit shot u
:iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 3 4
The House Upon The Hill - Chapter One: The Storm
Pit flapped his wings, fighting against the storm.
"L-Lady Palutena!!"
"It's too dangerous to extract you, Pit! You're going to have to find shelter for the night!!"
The Angel looks around franticly. "W-where?! It's pitch black in freezing out here!!"
"I've located an abandoned house that doesn't seem to be in use. You can stay there for the night. In the morning I'll coming get you, alright?"
"Y-Yes, Lady Palutena!!"
Pit closed the door against the rain, gasping for breath as he was drenched with water.
His eyes darted around the darkened house as he heard an old grandfather clock chime.
Hades glanced up from his book.
11 o'clock.
He closes his book and puts it down on the nightstand next to him. He takes off his glasses and rubs his tired eyes.
He wonders if they're gonna sing tonight.
Pit looked to see where he was this place looked really old and was filled with all kinds of spiderwebs and priceless antiques.
He hears a soft "Ooo" as if something is w
:iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 3 0
Perdix Drops In :iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 14 8 The Night Before Christmas :iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 8 0 Eclipse wishes you Merry :iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 5 0 29 years and revenge has struck :iconivansonicstory:IvanSonicStory 7 2


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So I'm not really on DeviantART anymore
if you're still interested in my art then go to
my personal Tumblr is at
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Brotherly Bond
Here's my tribute for the DarkPitLovers and PitLovers collaboration contest. 
I see these two as twin brothers. Pit being older but childish and Dark Pit being younger but mature. The two always look out for eachother and spend lots of time together. 

Tumblr Version:…
Headcanon list:…

I hope you enjoy~!
Pit VS Hades
This is for the PitLovers Role Reversal contest. 
I had a bad idea about Pit and Hades switching roles and it turned out really well. 

Hades's aditude is a mixture of chill and smart-assss (and he may or may not have disobeyed Palutena when she said he couldn't die his hair) He also flirts with his goddess. 
Pit will sometimes have child-like tantrums, but is pretty much sly most of the time. 
So yeah
Have fun
So I made my own headcanon Persephone for Kid Icarus: Uprising

Persephone is the Queen Of The Underworld, wife to Hades, and creator of angels. When she died to the Hands of Titans, Hades became distraught, trying to find a way to get her back. Going so far as to rage a war for three years. 

Persephone is an Anime geek and is smol and precious. She does have a creepy side to her, which sometimes scares Hades. Persephone is very dominant and runs most things while she's in the Underworld in the fall or winter. You do not want to get her mad. She'll give her flower crown to Hades and hunt you down. 

Cerberus was technically Hades' dog first but the three-headed hellhound decided to play favorites and is loyal to Persephone. The Goddess brought a two-headed puppy with a corrupted soul into the Underworld and after Hades fixed his soul, the young pup wouldn't leave his side. 

Persephone can only bake chocolate and tends to light the kitchen on fire if she tries to cook anything else. She usually lets Hades cook. 


The reason she went to the Underworld in the first place went like this:
The two met each other on the surface when they were younger and because good pals. Cerberus then somehow ran away from Hades and Persephone headed to the Underworld to bring him back. Hades figured it would be a good time as any to show her the garden he had been working on for her. The garden was small, with a pomegranate tree in the middle. Persephone asked to eat a few seeds and Hades, being the chill guy he was, gave her a few. He forgot about the rule where if you eat something, they have to stay in the Underworld. 

The belt that Persephone wears is a gift from Hades. It acts sort of like a wedding ring and Persephone adores it. While the other gods believe that Hades is forcing her to wear it, she hardly ever takes it off because she loves it to much. 

So yeah, I think that's all of it...leave questions in the comments?
So I'm not really on DeviantART anymore
if you're still interested in my art then go to
my personal Tumblr is at
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