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Brotherly Bond by IvanSonicStory
Brotherly Bond
Here's my tribute for the DarkPitLovers and PitLovers collaboration contest. 
I see these two as twin brothers. Pit being older but childish and Dark Pit being younger but mature. The two always look out for eachother and spend lots of time together. 

Tumblr Version:…
Headcanon list:…

I hope you enjoy~!
Pit VS Hades by IvanSonicStory
Pit VS Hades
This is for the PitLovers Role Reversal contest. 
I had a bad idea about Pit and Hades switching roles and it turned out really well. 

Hades's aditude is a mixture of chill and smart-assss (and he may or may not have disobeyed Palutena when she said he couldn't die his hair) He also flirts with his goddess. 
Pit will sometimes have child-like tantrums, but is pretty much sly most of the time. 
So yeah
Have fun
Persephone by IvanSonicStory
So I made my own headcanon Persephone for Kid Icarus: Uprising

Persephone is the Queen Of The Underworld, wife to Hades, and creator of angels. When she died to the Hands of Titans, Hades became distraught, trying to find a way to get her back. Going so far as to rage a war for three years. 

Persephone is an Anime geek and is smol and precious. She does have a creepy side to her, which sometimes scares Hades. Persephone is very dominant and runs most things while she's in the Underworld in the fall or winter. You do not want to get her mad. She'll give her flower crown to Hades and hunt you down. 

Cerberus was technically Hades' dog first but the three-headed hellhound decided to play favorites and is loyal to Persephone. The Goddess brought a two-headed puppy with a corrupted soul into the Underworld and after Hades fixed his soul, the young pup wouldn't leave his side. 

Persephone can only bake chocolate and tends to light the kitchen on fire if she tries to cook anything else. She usually lets Hades cook. 


The reason she went to the Underworld in the first place went like this:
The two met each other on the surface when they were younger and because good pals. Cerberus then somehow ran away from Hades and Persephone headed to the Underworld to bring him back. Hades figured it would be a good time as any to show her the garden he had been working on for her. The garden was small, with a pomegranate tree in the middle. Persephone asked to eat a few seeds and Hades, being the chill guy he was, gave her a few. He forgot about the rule where if you eat something, they have to stay in the Underworld. 

The belt that Persephone wears is a gift from Hades. It acts sort of like a wedding ring and Persephone adores it. While the other gods believe that Hades is forcing her to wear it, she hardly ever takes it off because she loves it to much. 

So yeah, I think that's all of it...leave questions in the comments?
The Eight Human Souls by IvanSonicStory
The Eight Human Souls
Ballet: She had the love and passion for dancing. That is all she wanted to do. She threw herself down Mount Ebbot after a concert went bad and traveled off until she found the calm cooling sound of the waterfall she loved it there she danced and danced until she could not dance anymore. She would always go behind the waterfall and put on Secret concert for herself, loving how calming everything was. She had spent most of her life down there until a spear landed in her back and her soul was given to Asgore. 

Cowboy: He and his rival we're on Mount Ebbot for the final battle to see who was the best sharpshooter they said take three steps back and he did but the third step landed him falling into the Underground. He ignores Toriel's warnings and travels to the core. He shoots at it, hoping it will shut down the Undergrounds and open an exit. The machine malfunctions and sirens blare, signaling the core is unstable. The Cowboy begins to fly into the black hole that has formed but a green aura surrounds him, throwing him back. He glimpses a skeleton with a fractured face being sucked into the black hole. The core becomes stable and the Cowboy fears that he will never get out of the Undergrounds and points his gun into his mouth. His soul finds itself in a glass container, trapped like it was before. 

Kung Fu: He was on a zen journey to try and find inner peace to master his fighting techniques. The young man climbed mount Ebbot he slipped and fell into the mountain. His fear fear did not show but he was afraid, not sure what to do. He would show no mercy and give everyone his signature move, "Toughlove". He traveled around to a snowy place hoping to train he placed his bleoved gloves in a box. He travels all the way to the castle and confronts the king. The fight gave the two a true challenge against each other. Soon enough, the young Kung Fu fighter found himself defeated, but not at peace like he had hoped. 

College Student: A young student trying to set up a project to get a degree. He goes up to mount Ebbot and falls in after the wind blow him down the hole. He starts to study all the creatures: What there names are, what attack and defense they have, and there personalities. He finds his way to an....odd village and inspires a young dog like creature about his dreams and college. He goes off and makes his way to HotLand. When he enters a strange lab, tires to hack into different codes with his hard drives and soon finds himself in a secret area. He confronts an odd glue-like creature and barely makes it out alive. Asgore finds him and takes his soul.

Fashionista: A woman who was thrown into Ebbots gapping mouth by an assassin. She was scared, and threatened to kill Toriel. The goat let her pass and she ran until she met a ghost named Metablook. The ghost was awed by her clothing and the woman gave the young ghost lots of tips on fashion. After Metablooks cousin speaks of the king searching for a human soul, the woman runs off in fear. Not looking where she was going, a blue spear pierced her heart and her soul was given to the king. 

Cook: A young man who went onto Mount Ebbot to find an herb for cooking. After walking through the ruins and into Snowdin, he finds Grillby's and works there as a chef. He then quits because he wants to see his wife again and is destroyed by Asgore. 

Pit: Their story changes. You should know. You are Pit.

Perdix: The First Human. 
There's this Kid Icarus fanfic about this monster Pit finds and anything the monster eats, everyone forgets about it except for Pit. It's a really good story and I want to read it again. Problem is: I can't find it. If someone knows what I'm talking about could you give me the name or the person who made the story? That would be great. 
Thank you. 
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